Sunday, March 8, 2015

Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV), part 3

Today I got my car back. I had to go there by bus ;) Well, the result of the Technical Inspection Authority still is after 25 years: no defects found. The emissions are o.k., the breaks are o.k., the steering is absolutely in very good shape and altogether the inspector and the mechanic were both pleasantly surprised. Here you can see the document concerning the inspection (it's written in German of course):

The certificate of the Technical Inspection Authority, the license to drive another two years

Well, the mechanic did some work though. But the repairs weren't relevant for the Technical Inspection Authority. The repairs were done because I wanted the car to run a little more smooth. That's why the mechanic exchanged the shock absorbers, the suspension springs and the two motor bearings.

one of the two new motor bearings

Now, the car is very tight on the street and feels even safer than before. So, it's done. No strange noise anymore (the mechanic didn't fix the exhaust holder, because in his opinion the holder was unnecessary anyway), a tight and good driving feeling and a motor that runs very soft and smooth because of its new bearings. It was worth it!

O.k., got another two years approval. Mission successful!

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